Fortune favours the bold...

For our first blog post I think it's fitting to explore the story of why Hey Tom was created. 

Let's start with Tom.... Hey Tom!

Tom's a pretty normal Aussie guy. He enjoys travelling and spending time with his mates and lives in Sydney with his Girlfriend and dog. 

But Tom is smart too! 2 years ago he bought his first investment property. He knew it was time to start thinking about his future. And he made the right choice, as he is about to start a family. 

But with a family on the way and a full time job, Tom doesn't have the time to manage his investment property. 

We knew this and so we decided to propose something to Tom, what about Airbnb Management? Of course he was skeptical at first and had all of the usual questions. What happens if my property gets damaged? Who does all the work? (The answer to these questions can be found on our FAQ page)

Once his mind was at ease he was happy to give it a go. It was a test, a trial, one that we were both confident would work, but if it didn't we weren't locked in and had an exit strategy.

Thankfully it worked! We started the experiment in November 2015 and since then Tom has received a 15% increase in net rent every single week. Well done Tom, you took a chance and it worked. 

Fortune favours the bold. 

Joel Cacciotti