*Please note that our Fixed income option is Temporarily Unavailable


If you're interested in experiencing the higher returns  of short term letting, but have a need for steady guaranteed income, our Fixed Income model is perfect for you.


We will inspect your property and together will agree on a fixed value for your property. You will be paid this sum guaranteed each month regardless of market fluctuations. Typically you can expect to receive between 5-10% more than a traditional lease and won't be paying any agent fees.

The Fixed Income model is a simple and reliable way to boost your income and works well for many properties.


Benefits of Fixed Income

  • Guaranteed above market income direct to your account each month
  • Property inspections and professional cleaning between each guest
  • Direct access to your dedicated account manager
  • We take care of property maintenance required due to guest activity
  • Guest screening before bookings are made
  • We do all the work for you
  • 24/7 check in for guests

Get in touch to schedule an inspection of your property and start earning above market returns.


*Please note our fixed income product is temporarily unavailable.