Make sure your next property is your hardest working asset

Working with one of our Investment Consultants, we can pinpoint outstanding additions for your portfolio. 

Our team can help identify the ideal property for your budget, that gives you the right balance between capital growth and short term rental income.

You'll experience the best of both worlds by combining our data and expertise in managing Airbnb properties, with the thought out advice of one of our Investment Consultants. 

Each of our Investment Consultants brings with them a wealth of industry experience and have a proven record of building high capital growth portfolios.


Identify a Growing Market

The ideal investment location changes depending on the investor.  Our consultants factor in your access to capital, risk profile, existing property portfolio, and anticipated growth to recommend the best location for you to invest.

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Single Out the Best Opportunity

We'll identify specific properties that are well suited to start earning above market returns from Airbnb today, and that will deliver considerable capital growth over time.


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Forecasting Your Net Return

Combining both anticipated capital growth and Airbnb market data, we'll forecast your net return accounting for all anticipated expenses (stamp duty, furnishing, cleaning costs, other operating costs etc.)



Give Yourself A Head Start

Speak with one of our consultants today to maximise your portfolio.