Our story

Hey Tom is a trusted property management company that unlocks the world of short term leasing for property owners. We leverage platforms like Airbnb to generate higher returns for our clients on their properties.

We're passionate about travel and the sharing economy and wanted a way we could combine both, so for us Airbnb was a natural match.

We started out with just a single property of our own in Sydney and quickly realised the enormous potential of Airbnb.  From those early days we've now grown into a sophisticated, well functioning team of property managers who love what we do and do it well.


So who's Tom?


Meet Tom. Tom was our very first customer. 

Passionate about travel himself, Tom knew he could utilise the sharing economy to get a higher return from his property in Darlinghurst, Sydney. 

But Tom works full time, looks after Red the cattle dog, and has started a young family. So he didn't have time to manage a short term rental property. 

Hey Tom was founded to solve his problem.